Running our business for so many years with Values at the heart of everything we do, "social responsibility" -- a buzzword in the business world today -- has emerged as a by-product of our culture, itself. You see this keen sense of responsibility shine through in how we care about our people, our community, the way we interact with the world, our planet and our future. 

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because ELKAYcares about our community...

We have established a comprehensive community giving program through which the company and our employees can support causes that align with the company's mission and values and which our employees care about most.

There are several ways to get involved with Elkay's charitable giving programs:

Every Elkay employee is given 2 full paid days off per year to volunteer at local charities. One of those two days (up to 8 hours) can be at any qualifying charity that the employee chooses. To access the second paid day off (up to 8 hours) employees must sign up for a company- or department-sponsored volunteer event.

In addition to benefiting the community and the charity in question, company-sponsored volunteer events have the added benefit of providing a rich team-building experience for Elkay employees.

Finally, employees can also get involved by participating in the ELKAYcares charitable giving program. This company-matched payroll-deducted giving program provides employees with an opportunity to donate to a wide array of charities that range from healty-related, environmental protection, animal protection and care, access to clean water, access to affordable housing, and chariteis that benefit veterans and those in need.

Elkay's charities are carefully vetted and chosen specifically for their alignment with our values, our business, and our employee's concerns. All charities are audited by an independent 3rd party firm. They invest a minimum of 72% into programs, are non political and non-religious, and do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

In addition to the annual giving campaign, Elkay periodically donates, and provides a vehicle for employees to donate additional funds to support those impacted by natural disasters.

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