Running our business for so many years with Values at the heart of everything we do, "social responsibility" -- a buzzword in the business world today -- has emerged as a by-product of our culture, itself. You see this keen sense of responsibility shine through in how we care about our people, our community, the way we interact with the world, our planet and our future. 

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because ELKAYcares about our people...

We have world-class programs in place to ensure that our employees are positioned to thrive. Examples of our people policies in action include:

Engagement - Elkay strives to deeply engage our employees in their work. Through full engagement, everybody wins - the individual, the team, and the company as a whole. Our leaders work closely with their team to improve workplace issues that might stop us each from feeling fully engaged, reaching our personal best...and achieving our common goals.

Safety programs -- We're committed to providing an environment where employees are safe from hazards, well prepared to handle safety issues, and actively looking out for each other's well being -- a place where employees go home to their loved ones in the same condition in which they arrived.

Work/life balance -- as a family-owned and operated company, we've got a deep appreciation for the importance of a healthy home life. Employees comment on the sense of family and closeness they experience here -- and that they can leave work-related challenges at work when they return home at the end of the day.

Wellness programs -- most companies offer health benefits, and Elkay is no exception. And our wellness programs go beyond health benefits that address illness once it occurs, by informing and engaging employees in upfront wellness planning and taking proactive steps to stop health issues in their tracks.

Employment policies -- Fairness. Open communication. Access to leaders. Knowing your voice is heard. These aspects of our employment experience that help people build a successful career with Elkay. Our employment policies protect employees from harm and ensure the interests of the company are served...working together we live up to our Value that "We are in Business Forever."

Total Compensation/Benefits -- Our competitive compensation and benefit programs help us attract the most talented people. We're proud that these offerings are consistently rated favorably by our employees.

Employee Development -- Our employee development programs make the most of our people's talents. Employee development is a partnership between company leaders and employees themselves. While we encourage everyone to take a personal stake in their professional development, we also strive to provide development opportunities that lift our team members to new heights in their careers.

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