Running our business for so many years with Values at the heart of everything we do, "social responsibility" -- a buzzword in the business world today -- has emerged as a by-product of our culture, itself. You see this keen sense of responsibility shine through in how we care about our people, our community, the way we interact with the world, our planet and our future. 

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because ELKAYcares about the future...

"We are in business forever" is often cited as the most important of Elkay's values. This value alone is often used as a litmus test as to whether a particular strategy, policy or practice is a good fit. Will its pursuit help Elkay to achieve our vision of being in business forever? If the answer is no, more often than not, the proposed direction is not pursued.

In accordance with this value, Elkay's leadership takes planning for the long term future of the company very seriously. Whether it is adjusting our business strategies and structure to align with our near-term mission and long-term vision for the future, ensuring that our culture remains transparent to empower our people (knowledge empowers), instilling an innovative, problem-solving culture that is capable of taking us in the direction that we need to go, or seeing that our succession plans are in place to ensure the longevity, stability and well being of our organization -- the company values, vision and mission are never out of sight.

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