Running our business for so many years with Values at the heart of everything we do, "social responsibility" -- a buzzword in the business world today -- has emerged as a by-product of our culture, itself. You see this keen sense of responsibility shine through in how we care about our people, our community, the way we interact with the world, our planet and our future. 

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"Our word is our bond."

"Making a profit is an honorable endeavor."

These values, which are at the very heart of Elkay's culture, were crafted many years ago by thoughtful, ethical business leaders deeply committed to doing the right thing. They placed these high-integrity ideals as the cornerstone of the business they were striving to build - an enterprise capable of "being in business forever".

Today, these values form the foundation of Elkay's Code of Conduct - a guiding document which is reviewed and signed by every Elkay employee. In reviewing the Code of Conduct, Elkay employees commit to managing their daily business affairs in full compliance with all legal requirements and with the highest possible standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

Elkay provides employees with compliance training to ensure they are equipped with the insights and ethical framework they need to make informed decisions and conduct their business in compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Elkay's Code of Conduct leads to a host of best business practices and policies that govern how Elkay employees manage complex issues in the countries where we do business, including:

  • Human rights/equal opportunity
  • Migrant labor issues
  • Global supply chain issues
  • Wages/living wages
  • Product quality/safety
  • Marketing/truth in advertising
  • Customer/vendor relations
  • Consumer privacy

"Elkay is committed to conducting our business according to the highest standards of integrity and ethics -- regardless of whether the laws of another country reflect different or lower standards. Elkay will always refer back to the spirit of our Values and the exacting ethical and legal guidelines and requirements set forth in our Code of Conduct."

~ Kathy Deighan,
Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


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