Our Quality Culture

“We Value Quality in all we do.”

~ Elkay Core Value

With these words, we define the depth of our commitment to Quality in all functions and at every level of our company.

Our quality efforts focus primarily on process control and improvement. Like many companies, we employ Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing in our quality endeavors. But even beyond these tools, techniques and strategies, there lies a deep individual commitment to Quality that serves as a tangible force at every level, and in every function across the company.

Regardless of whether they work in customer care, engineering, sales, marketing communications or out on the production floor, our culture expects each individual to demonstrate proactive commitment to delivering quality for the customers they serve.

One way we deliver on this commitment is by practicing Quality at the Source (QATS). QATS calls for each employee – regardless of their role or function – to perform and deliver quality work before passing their output through to the customer -- internal or external -- or the next stage of the process. Quality at the Source serves as a constant reminder that if Quality is to continue to be a hallmark of Elkay’s brands, it is up to each and every one of us to deliver on that promise.