Our Values are at the Heart of our Culture…

The Elkay Values :

We are in business forever -- We all have the responsibility to leave the business stronger than when we started. Continuous improvement is necessary for growth and continued future success.

Knowledge empowers -- Information sharing builds trust and confidence and leads to better decision making. Effective communication is absolutely necessary to manage our business and satisfy the needs of our business partners.

Our word is our bond -- We honor our commitments to customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we live and work. The key ingredient in all of our commitments is integrity.

We value quality in all we do -- Quality is seen in our products, our processes, in how we communicate, and in our relationships with each other, our business partners and our families. Quality is the personal responsibility of each employee.

Making a profit is an honorable endeavor -- Profit is a necessary ingredient for a successful relationship with our business partners. All of the partners [customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders] must benefit in their own way to foster a lasting relationship.

And, of course…

Our strength is in our people -- People are the foundation of our Company. Our people are valued as individuals and treated with respect, dignity and fairness. We expect the highest level of performance and integrity from our people and we strive to create opportunities for them to develop and reach their full potential.

We are committed to demonstrating our values in all that we do. Not only do we say that integrity is important, we demonstrate it in the products that we make, the customers that we serve, and the employees that we empower.

Elkay's Vision :

To become the preferred choice for every customer we serve.

Elkay's Mission:

We are family owned, and believe our people and business partners are an extension of our family.

We passionately live our values and deliver exceptional residential and commercial building products and services.

We are in business forever – for our employees, partners, and shareholders.